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The providers at Seaglass are always open to assessing individuals and making referrals to the programs that are most congruent with that individual’s needs and available resources.

On occasion, outpatient psychiatry and psychotherapy are not sufficient to bring about the change that a person desires in their life, or in the life of a loved one, and seeking residential treatment can be a daunting task. A simple internet search is likely be retrieve a plethora of options, many of which are unlikely to be a good fit for those seeking help. Both Gabrielle and Rick have the opportunity to visit a multitude of treatment centers around the country on a regular basis, meet their staff, and gain insight into the clientele they are likely to benefit from most.

There are also occasions in which an individual desperately needs to seek treatment but they are not quite ready to do so. In years past, people would often advise families to allow their loved ones to “hit rock bottom” so that they become ready to change. This is a myth and is not necessary. The problem in that process is, these individuals are likely to create more lasting pain for themselves and their loved ones. Rick and Gabrielle are experienced and skilled in the process of creating supportive environments that motivate individuals to seek help before more damage is done.

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