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medication management

Medication management helps to promote the safe use of medications and help people achieve the best results from their medication.

Our mental well-being is directly connected to our overall physical health.  When individuals struggle with chronic stress, trauma, or difficulties adjusting to their environments, they may develop feelings of hopelessness, unmanageable worry, insomnia, etc.  If left untreated, these symptoms can lead to both psychological and physical illnesses, maladaptive coping, and addictive behaviors. Psychiatric medication management is a tool that may become necessary to assist decreasing these symptoms.  Following a thorough assessment of history and current symptoms, our provider will determine if medication is a good option in the treatment of your mental health. If medication management is recommend, options will be discussed and education provided on how the medications work, dosing, and side effects.  Regular follow-up sessions will monitor effectiveness over a course of time and adjustments made if necessary to meet treatment goals.

Understand Your Medications Purpose
Understand Your Medications Safety
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